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libvlc should not load/open gui plugins

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libvlc will try to open gui plugins for no reason. it should not do that.

problematic example: app uses qt5 + libvlc; libvlc tries to open qt_gui plugin; application explodes because libvlc tried to load libqt4* which in turn caused symbol clashes with qt5.

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comment:1 Changed 2 years ago by apachelogger

Alternatively there should be a way to explicitly blacklist plugins from loading. Right now libvlc_InternalInit will simply load every plugin it can find into the plugin bank, which may be a sensible thing to do, however definitely there should be a way to prevent certain plugins from being loaded *at all*.

comment:2 Changed 2 years ago by courmisch

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This is partly true but mostly wrong. VLC only loads plugins that are either not correctly registered in the plugins cache, or that are required at run-time (in case of interface, only if you call libvlc_add_intf()).

So basically, your plugins cache is wrong. This is likely a packaging bug. LibVLC should probably stop scanning plugins by default. But while that would fix your crash, it would make LibVLC not work at all without plugins cache. So not much of an improvement.

The bottom line is, you NEED the plugins cache to be generated correctly. And that is a distribution problem, not upstream.

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